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General Questions

How shall I pay you?

We accept payments through a secured payment gateway “PayPal” while dealing on eBay. PayPal is highly secured. When you purchase our eBay listing design you pay us through PayPal. This way your transaction details including your bank details remains safe & secured. Hence, you don’t need to worry about payment method. PayPal is there for us.

Do you offer Logo designing service?

Yes, we do offer logo design services. In fact we are best in logo designs. A professional team of creative designers work on your logo draft designs. 3 distinct logo designs are given to you for best selection. After you final verdict the final design is made & supplied to you. Contact us for more info on our logo design services.

Do you offer designing services?

Yes, we do offer variety of online designing services. A few to name are ready to use eBay auction listing design templates, custom made mobile responsive eBay templates, ecommerce website designs & custom eBay store designs. Every custom design carries a unique identity of seller. We mark those versatile identities in our designs so that you can excel more online.

Is it important to design an ebay listing template?

It is not at all mandatory to design an eBay listing template, but doing so will ultimately benefit your product & your overall online presence. A beautifully designed eBay listing template represents your product in the best way to your buyer giving away all the relevant product info with HD image quality. As per our experience we have seen a huge increase in sales after eBay sellers install auction listing design in their eBay store. We advise you to do the same if you want to increase your eBay sales.

Are there any free templates available?

NO, we do not give free eBay listing template designs. Free designs are unworthy; they don’t serve the real purpose of selling your products on eBay. Actually free templates are the brain child of amateur designers to lure new eBay sellers. We don’t practice such things where our client is unsatisfied with our work. We also advise you to beware of such designers or websites who promise to give you free designing stuffs.

What eSellertemplates do?

Esellertemplates is a prominent eBay listing & eBay store designing company with over a decade of experience in designing field with a strong online presence. To provide the online selling community with necessary sales tools we design & deliver highly optimized eBay auction listing design templates, custom made mobile responsive eBay templates, ecommerce website designs & custom eBay store designs. Get in touch with our expert team to know more about our designing services. Take a tour of what we do. Find some interesting facts about us & our work.

What is an eBay mobile responsive template?

eBay mobile responsive template is a design that is perfectly crafted to load fast, navigate swiftly, it is user friendly & above all it fits & adjusts the screen size on any given mobile device. Moreover you don’t need a separate design to sell on mobile or tablet. A mobile responsive design is must in this competitive time. 8 out of 10 searches are processed using a mobile device. Contact us and we will help you understand more about mobile responsive designs.

What is an eBay listing template?

An eBay listing template is a ready to install & use design theme in your eBay store for your eBay products. It includes company name, product name, product description with HD product images. What separates us from other designers is our wide variety of listing design themes that are active content free, fully responsive, aligned as per 2018 new eBay policy guidelines. Contact us for more info on eBay product description template design.

Other Questions

Whom shall I contact in case of grievance?

We are present to help you in any situation. In case you get stuck anywhere in terms of purchase, installation or after sales services you can contact us on (+44) 20 3769 9939 or email us. You can also contact us using our “Get in Touch” form. Simple fill in all the details & send us. You will be promptly assisted by one of our expert.

Do I need to install by myself?

Yes, you can install our readymade eBay listing design theme all by yourself if you are comfortable doing so. If you don’t know how to install the design in your eBay store our experts can help you do so. Additionally when you purchase our designs a quick & easy install guide comes in with it which is easy to understand. Following the instructions you can do the installation yourself.

How do I use programming codes sent by you?

The programming codes sent to you through email is a set of codes of the eBay listing design purchased by you. Simply copy & paste them in your eBay store product listing & save. If you get stuck then contact us. We will help you in using our design codes efficiently.

How long will I have to wait for my final product?

There is absolutely NO waiting time or long waiting hours. Our designs are already readymade. Just order them, install & start using. You don’t need to wait & waste even a single minute. We deliver absolutely ready to use design. But if you are ordering a custom design then it will take time. Kindly contact us for more info on custom design & delivery.

How shall I reach you?

Contact us on (+44) 20 3769 9939 or email us. You can also contact us using our “Get in Touch” form. Simple fill in all the details & send us. You will be promptly assisted by one of our expert. Also bookmark our website or eBay store so that you can access our services anytime, anyplace & anywhere.

How will you utilize my information?

We do not gather information of our clients purposely. We highly respect the privacy of our clients. Certain information that we collect includes your name, contact details & your email which is kept secured with us only for internal use. We do not trade any of your personal info with any 3rd party service providers. The sole motive to collect your info is to make our services better & user friendly.

How to apply designs to my eBay store?

Applying design to your eBay store is what we call installing the designs. After you order your favourite eBay listing description template we send you the design codes in an email. This email also includes a DIY design installation guide in an easy language. You just need to copy the codes & paste it in your product listing pages as directed in the installation guide. In this way you can apply/install your designs. You can also contact our support team to help you.

Do I need to suggest you about my design work?

We always welcome & are open for any kind of suggestions from our clients regarding their designs. In fact we work as per our client’s requirement when they order a custom design service. The eBay listings template that are listed here are 100% readymade & ready to use. You need to only install & start using them.